DirectAdmin vs cPanel, Which one is the best?

The principal thing you’ll see is the basic graphical UI. The majority of its pages are hidden behind drop-down menus, making it difficult to use for new users. One of the four DirectAdmin themes styles is available to users. The graphical user interface of cPanel appears more up-to-date overall, but DirectAdmin may be more suitable for you if you value simplicity.

The majority of hosting panels use more resources than DirectAdmin does. Although its unlimited plan, called Standard, is comparable to Plesk’s price, it offers cheaper alternatives. Although it lacks some of the features of cPanel, it provides all of the necessary tools for web administrators. If you’re using DirectAdmin, you can only perform these tasks in the root shell. To meet the requirements of various users, DirectAdmin offers Personal, Lite, and Standard licenses. Additionally, special deals with JetBackup and CloudLinux are offered by the company.

Personal: For personal or small-business use, this plan is ideal. Up to ten domains can be managed by one account. However, professional technical support is not provided, and annual billing is required.

Lite: Light adaptation is great for little organizations. It lets users manage 50 domains with up to 10 accounts.

Standard: The only plan with unlimited accounts and domains is DirectAdmin’s Standard version. For reseller hosting and shared hosting businesses, it is the only viable option.

Additionally, DirectAdmin lacks some security features. Because DirectAdmin does not support IPTables, it is unable to defend against brute force attacks. DirectAdmin can only send the administrator a warning message during a brute force attack. DirectAdmin additionally offers less addons than cPanel or Plesk and they can expand the complete costs.

When it comes to compatibility, DirectAdmin and cPanel do not differ significantly. CloudLinux, AlmaLinux, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD are all supported by DirectAdmin. However, it does not support Windows Server.