Instagram is making it easier to reshare clips you’ve already shared with friends

Instagram is testing a new feature that will allow you to quickly access your Reels that have been shared. This makes it simpler for users to re-share a Reel they liked with a friend later.

A post about the feature was shared by Dijital Alar, a Turkish account. It indicated that Instagram was displaying a row with the label “Latest Shares” at the top of your DMs. The account’s screenshots demonstrate that avatars of the friends with whom you shared a reel will also appear in shared posts. It will only display a single short video with the avatar of the friend with whom you last shared it if you share it multiple times.

In a statement, the company informed TechCrunch that this feature was being developed.

A spokesperson for Meta told TechCrunch, “We’re rolling out improvements to how you can search for and rediscover Reels that were previously shared in messages.” However, the business did not specify whether this feature will display posts other than reels in the latest shares section. Additionally, the rollout schedule was not disclosed in any detail.

Since Instagram has increased its focus on short videos over the past few years, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the platform has not included any other types of posts. It announced last year that videos under 15 minutes would be posted as Reels posts.

The purpose of this new test is to ensure that you and your friends continue to regularly share and watch short videos. You see a funny post, share it with your friends, and they open it. They keep swiping up to see more, and you get the idea.

Meta announced last week that it would discontinue the creator bonuses program for Reels and would instead concentrate on other methods of monetization, such as ad revenue sharing.