Install docker compose on Ubuntu

You should follow the underneath given strategy for introducing Docker Compose on Ubuntu 22.04.

Stage 1: Download Docker Compose bundle

Above all else, check the most recent adaptation of the Docker Compose bundle from the delivery page. For instance, as of now, the most steady variant of Docker Compose is “2.5.0”.

Thus, we will make an index with the assistance of the accompanying “mkdir” order:

$mkdir -p ~/.docker/cli-plugins/

In the wake of doing as such, use the beneath given “twist” order for introducing Docker Compose on Ubuntu 22.04:

$ curl -SL download/v2.5.0/docker-compose-linux-x86_64 -o ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Stage 2: Docker Compose Installation

In the following stage, set the executable consents to the “docker-form” order:

$ chmod +x ~/.docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Then, confirm the rendition of the introduced Docker Compose:

$ docker compose version

As may be obvious, on our Ubuntu 22.04 framework, we have introduced Docker Compose variant “2.5.0”: