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The majority of businesses currently hold at least some sensitive data, including payment information for customers and government data. If you want to build a trusted brand, it’s essential to know how to protect that data. You can acquire that crucial knowledge with the assistance of the Complete Information Security Certification Bundle.

81 hours of training, covering a variety of technologies and leading to CISSP certification, are included in this extensive learning library. With this special offer from TechRepublic Academy, you can get the included training for just $31 today, despite the fact that it costs $1,150 all together.

In addition to being essential for trust, maintaining information security is required by numerous regulations for any business. You run the risk of getting into trouble if you don’t take important precautions to safeguard client and partner data. A great way to get government contracts and other new opportunities is to learn more about information security.

To accomplish that, the Complete Information Security Certification Bundle provides all necessary training. It provides you with all the necessary skills to construct a wall around your databases and includes seven courses taught by highly regarded instructors.

You can upgrade your website with NGINX, deploy apps more effectively with Docker, and better manage your data with Splunk through 652 individual tutorials. In addition, the full AWS Certified Solutions Architect training includes tracks on ethical hacking and information security, as well as an introduction to cloud computing security. Complete preparation for the Certified Cloud Security Professional certification is included in the bundle.

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