What is .NET MAUI?

Salud! Welcome to .NET MAUI! The all-new .NET Multi-stage App UI (MAUI). As reported at Microsoft Build 2020, Microsoft has developed Xamarin.Forms and made the following stride in the .NET unification to give you a cross-stage portable first system for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. .NET MAUI will acquaint new ways with construct applications – accessible in .NET 6 and in see now!


What is .NET MAUI?

.NET Multi-stage App UI (MAUI) is the advancement of Xamarin. Structures stretched out from portable to work area situations with UI controls reconstructed starting from the earliest stage for execution and extensibility.

MAUI will assist you with conveying elite execution, cross-stage, local work area and portable applications from a solitary codebase. With .NET MAUI, you can construct your applications for any gadget from a solitary codebase and project framework, utilizing one language, one bunch of libraries, and one UI stack for all.


What are Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms?

To assist with the above of making local UI’s for every stage, we have Xamarin.Forms.

Xamarin.Forms is an open-source UI system that permits you to join the code for Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac, and Windows applications into a solitary common codebase.


Microsoft means to make a bound together .NET stage that can supplant .NET Framework, .NET Core, and Xamarin. .NET MAUI is the subsequent stage in bringing together .NET by supplanting Xamarin.Forms. It tends to a portion of the issues and disadvantages of Xamarin.Forms, while giving a refreshed design on top of the new age of .NET and undertaking framework.


How might you begin?

Before you begin, Microsoft has made a dotnet instrument called maui-check that assesses your framework for improvement in .NET MAUI. The instrument will filter for the necessary conditions and attempt to fix any issues for you or recommend a method for fixing them yourself.

Apparatus source: https://github.com/Redth/dotnet-maui-check


dotnet tool install -g Redth.Net.Maui.Check

When you have the total .NET MAUI improvement climate arrangement, you can make your first application by running:

dotnet new maui -n AlohaMaui

Congrats! You have a new .NET MAUI application. Look at the beginning page to find out about utilizing .NET MAUI.