What is a wireless network?

A wireless network is an organization that use the radio waves to interface PCs and others together. The execution is finished at the Layer 1 (actual layer) of the OSI model.

How to get to a wireless network?

You will require a remote organization empowered gadget like a PC, tablet, cell phones, and so on. You will likewise should be inside the transmission range of a remote organization passageway. Most devices will give you a rundown of accessible organizations. On the off chance that the organization isn’t secret key secured, then you simply need to tap on interface. On the off chance that it is secret word secured, you will require the secret phrase to get entrance.

Wireless Network Authentication

Since the organization is effectively open to everybody with a remote organization empowered gadget, most organizations are secret word secured. How about we check out at probably the most ordinarily utilized validation methods.


WEP is the abbreviation for Wired Equivalent Privacy. It was created for IEEE 802.11 WLAN norms. Its objective was to give the protection identical to that given by wired networks. WEP works by encoding the information been sent over the organization to hold it protected back from listening in.

WEP Authentication

Open System Authentication (OSA) – this techniques awards admittance to station confirmation mentioned in view of the arranged admittance strategy.

Shared Key Authentication (SKA) – This strategy ships off an encoded challenge to the station mentioning access. The station scrambles the test with its key then, at that point, answers. In the event that the scrambled test matches the AP esteem, access is allowed.